Trans-Story Telling Project:

Social Ecology in Cross Media

Ferry Edwin Sirait
Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 

The collaboration process is an important part of our goal: we want to introduce a new approach to producing documentary narrative through Interactive Documentary in Indonesia. This forms part of an effort to create a tool to collaborate from diverse disciplines.

Last December we presented the Trans-Story Telling Project: Social Ecology in Cross Media, which become the pilot project “Documenta Documenta”.  The project involves community arts, activism, media, technology and history and is presented in two parts: Intuitive Information and Response and Action.

Intuitive information includes an interactive piece on Agrarian Conflict Chronology in Indonesia and continues with the development of a community museum in the foothills Kendeng.

Response and action facilitates audience comments about this intuitive information in the form of a statement by Laser Gaffity , and then he and writing his statement (In the Laser Graffity) will be captured through the Auto Photo Booth is integrated directly into the website.

All of this is in the stage of the production process and certainly will be displayed at the Documentary Film Festival 2013 , 9-14 December 2013. And certainly in the month of December, the results will be updated as soon as possible online publication.