FOCUS SPAIN: the first latin panel at the i-docs conference 2014

The Spain Focus panel is the first panel discussion at a conference on interactive documentary that focuses on the production of the emerging Latin field. During 1hour and 30 minutes, three projects will be presented at different stages of development: Barret Films, with projects such as “The Voices of Memory” and “0 accountable”, the first Spanish production company specialised in the production of interactive documentaries with several years of experience; Intropiamedia with the “Las Sinsombrero” project, an ambitious transmedia documentary about the forgotten women in the Spanish generation of 27, which was co-produced with Spanish Television; and ultimately Arnau Gifreu, who will introduce the fruit of six years of research in the field, a collaborative meta-interactive documentary project, his practical application of the doctoral thesis which aim is to help to understand the keys of the interactive documentary (COME/IN/DOC). Here the links to the production companies and panel projects:

Barret Films (Voices of Memory, 0 accountable)

Intropiamedia (Las Sinsombrero)

COME/IN/DOC (Arnau Gifreu)


LOCATION: Cinema 3, Watershed

DATE: March 21, 2014

TIME: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm


Let’s have a look to these three projects, to know a little bit more of them:



Las Sinsombrero is a global project that uses different formats and platforms (online and offline) to reclaim and rediscover the figures of a group of female artists and intellectuals who began to live and work between the years 1920 and 1930. These were great creators that for the simple fact of being women did not enjoy the privilege of being described as members of the famous generation of 27 and that’s why the historiography has forgotten them. Through the production and creation of different projects (television documentary, webdoc, educational project and exhibition project) want to recover their legacy and memories and prove how their work, their actions and courage were and are important to understand the culture and the history of a country that never claimed them. Las Sinsombrero is one of the first interactive documentaries co-produced by Televisión Española.


Speaker: Serrana Torres

Serrana Torres has always been in contact with art and filming industries. After completing a degree on Film at the StockholmFilmskola, Sweden, she has been working on all kind of formats, in Stockholm, Paris, Tanzania and Barcelona, her current city of residence. She’s cofounder of Intropía Media.




Barret Films is a production company based in Valencia specialised in interactive documentary content.

0 accountable

0-responsables (1)

On July 3rd 2006, a subway train derailed and overturned in Valencia. 43 people died and 47 were injured. Until today nobody has taken responsibility for the worst subway crash in Spanish history. 0 accountable is a citizen committee which aims to seek the truth about the causes, and point at those accountable. A place where all the testimonies are heard and all documentation is examined, without censorship. The project encourages users to contribute to the investigation, and draw their own conclusions.

This is the first stage of a work-in-progress transmedia documentary, which will include the participation in ‘Salvados’ TV program, and a feature documentary which will be interactive using a 2nd screen application.



The voices of memory


On the 26th of September 2010, the audience that gathered at the Palau de la Música in Valencia was witness to a unique experience: a choir made up of forty individuals with Alzheimer’s performing a collection of songs which range from popular, to gospel, and complex polyphonic warms up. The voices of memory is a transmedia documentary that also includes a webdocumentary which brings to the viewer the freedom to choose what he wants to watch at each moment, which story to follow and when to abandon it in search of a new one. Personal stories of the characters are complemented by multimedia resources, such as interactive videogames and expert testimonies.


This content facilitates viewers’ immersion into the world of music therapy. It also incorporates two mobile apps: ‘Alzheimer info’ puts caregivers in contact with associations and resources to facilitate their task; ‘One song one memory’ is a tool of sensitization and dissemination, to share songs and memories across social networks.

Speaker: Àlex Badia 

Àlex Badia is one of the founding partners of Barret Films, a production company dedicated to transmedia documentary. Since 2008, he has held interactive development of the webdocumentary ‘Itaca, 10 years creating the future’, the transmedia documentary ‘Voices of Memory’or the work in progress ‘0 accountable’ among others.



COME/IN/DOC – Collaborative Meta Interactive Documentary – is a transmedia meta- documentary that reflects on the interactive documentary. There has been more and more production in the area of ​​ interactive nonfiction and the documentary is one of the main formats that have been developed considerably in recent years, but more theoretical and practical exploration is needed. This project aims to achieve a greater understanding of this new documentary format assuming that our period in history lends itself to a deeper reflection.


The project COME/IN/DOC, an audiovisual, interactive and educational project fruit of six years of research, was selected to form a part of the most prestigious database of interactive documentaries in the world: IDFA DocLab online database of interactive documentary storytelling. The database was exhibited throughout the festival, from 20 November to 1 December 2013.

Speaker and panel curator: Arnau Gifreu Castells

Arnau Gifreu Castells is a lecturer, researcher and director in the audiovisual and multimedia fields. He has a PhD in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Digital Arts from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF, Barcelona) with a thesis on the interactive documentary. He is a research affiliate at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Open Documentary Lab and a member of the i-docsorganization (University of the West of England).


I hope to see there in two weeks!!!

Arnau Gifreu

Researcher, producer and professor

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